Product Maintenance

We emphasis on customer service with specialised staff to meet customers’ requirements and provide good after-sales service. Our R&D personnel are always upgrading the existing products and innovating new products to meet market demand and enabling our products to penetrate more regional markets besides Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia. We have been reasonably successful in expanding the regional markets via recently started advertising on AliBaba.com. We are looking forward to be able to market our products to the huge China market very soon.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to be able to provide the required spare parts, technical documentation, or other technical support. We undertake to fulfill all obligations stated in the manafacturer’s warranty, and can also offer maintenance and repair of all products supplied at competitive workshop rates, even on expiration of the standard Manufacturers Factory Waranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make my radio talk to others?

Firstly, set the two radios in the same frequency, secondly, set the same CDCSS/CTCSS, and then they can talk each other.

What should I do, if the radio is dropped into water?

Take the radio out of water as quick as possible and remove the battery as quick as possible. Swing the water out of radio and put the radio at the place where the ventilation is good so that the radio be dried quickly. At last but not least, return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance as early as possible.

Why is the radio communication range shorter than before and the sensitivity becomes poorer?

Please check the antenna and make sure it is a good one. Also please check the antenna socket is not damaged or loosened. If so, please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.

Is long antenna better than short antenna?

No. Short antenna has convenient-design, and easy to carry. Long antenna covers wider communication range. So the choice all depends on the environment and personal favorite.

What is the battery life cycle?

Please replace your old battery with a new one when the battery life cycle is over, so that you can get the best performance from your radios. For a Ni-MH battery, it is designed to 500 standard recharge & discharge cycles; for a Li-ion, 1000 standard cycles.

After a period of time, my radio works well, but no sound from my earpiece?

The socket inside the radio has been damaged. Please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.

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